Silicone Gasket Material

Silicone materials perform well under Ultraviolet Light and are mechanically stable across a broad range of temperatures, leading Silicone materials to be often considered for both high and low temperature applications. Ontario Gasket INC fabricates custom made silicone gaskets, such as silicone sponge gaskets, silicone foam gaskets and solid silicone gaskets. Ontario Gasket INC also possesses the capabilities for injection molded silicone gaskets. We offer Silicone Gaskets for several market sectors as well as uses.

Silicone Sponge Gaskets

Sponge silicone gaskets are soft compared to solid silicone gaskets. These gaskets incorporate a closed cell structure which makes silicone sponge the perfect choice for environmental seals. The density of silicone sponges is usually defined by compression force deflection in a psi range compressed 25%. 2 to 5 psi compression force deflection is rated soft, whereas 14 to 20 psi is rated firm.

Silocone Foam Gaskets

Foam silicone gaskets are similar to silicone sponge gaskets, the distinction lies in the way that they are made. Silicone foam products range from very open cell to mostly closed cell cellular structures. The open celled silicone products tend to be best for dust seals or shock/vibration gaskets. The mostly closed cell silicone foam gaskets coupled with Silcone’s low toxicity characteristics work extremely well for environmental seals. 

Solid Silicone Gaskets

Solid silicone gaskets are typically die cut or waterjet cut from sheets. Solid Silicone gaskets range from 10-70 durometer on the Shore A scale based on durability. Solid gaskets are the most dense Silicone gaskets that Ontario Gasket produces.

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