PTFE Gasket Material

PTFE gasket material is a common material utilized for the making of gaskets. There are a number of gasket materials which should be carefully chosen in the gasket creation process. Different PTFE materials have different characteristics each suited for different situations and environments. The most unique and universal characteristics of PTFE gasket material are resistance to mineral and organic chemicals, low friction coefficiency, high heat tolerance and exceptional insulating properties. This material is a thermoplastic whose full name is Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), also called Teflon, from the fluoropolmer family.

Ontario Gasket Inc. stocks many different types of PTFE for the cutting and production of gaskets. The most commonly used types are the virgin PTFE for the medical and electronic applications, the expanded PTFE which is soft and malleable for limited load torque, PTFE film which is very thin, and mechanical grade PTFE gasket material which contains reprocessed PTFE and varies within the manufacturing company. PTFE gasket material is sold in different styles such as Durlon 9600, 9200W, 9000, 9000N & Sigma 533 which is dependent on application. The Durlon is used for equipment in food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry since it is non-contaminating. Gaskets produced using PTFE has the ability to function in the presence of aggressive chemicals.

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