Military Gaskets

Ontario Gasket Inc. possesses the relevant expertise, capability, and equipment to manufacture gaskets that will meet military standards and specifications. High performance must be sustained and the certifications that we have earned are testimony to high industry standards. It is guaranteed that the products produced are going to meet defense approvals and high safety standards. The relevant services offered are die cutting, prototyping, and fabrication to produce standard and custom military specification gaskets.

A variety of gaskets are produced to the high military and defense standard stipulations. These include custom die cut gaskets, O-rings, soft metal gaskets, flange gaskets, jacketed gaskets and unique styles such as protruded rubber gaskets for transparent armour. All client projects are undertaken in standard and clean room conditions. Gaskets produced by Ontario Gasket Inc. are products which exhibit properties such as repeatability and consistency, owing to the high quality and technical capability of our technicians. Our state-of-the-art engineering technology and equipment ensures fast assembly and the minimization of material wastage.

The listed gasket types find application in electronics, radar and sonar instruments, EMI/RFI shielding, seals, acoustic and vibration damping, gas and chemical detection apparatus, missile assembly components, thermal insulation and lastly environment and weather equipment.

Ontario gasket Inc. will satisfactorily work on defense contracts to produce application specific gaskets under demanding specifications.

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Military Gaskets