Locomotive Gaskets

Gaskets for the locomotive industry are among the portfolio of products that are manufactured by Ontario Gasket Inc. The application of gaskets in the rail industry is extensive. The quality in terms of both service and the end product is the highest possible. Some examples of gaskets we produce for the locomotive industry include window gaskets, plug door gaskets, cleats in their very many types, pneumatic fluidizing pads, gaskets for head lights, sound proofing gaskets and safety yellow head bumpers, gate gaskets, end of car diaphragms, O-rings and many other gasket types. These gaskets are made from an assortment of materials which are best suited for the application. The choice of gasket material is determined after consultation with our professionals who are well versed in industry requirements specific to a gasket type.

All the tooling is made internally in the work rooms of Ontario Gasket Inc. and is aimed toward meeting exact specifications and replacement of parts. There are also standard designs that can be used or modified for you application. Our engineers will handle everything to precision.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ontario Gasket Inc. with all of your locomotive gasket requirements.

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