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Gasket Material Selection and Specifications

There are various materials that are used to manufacture gaskets. Key consideration with gasket material selection involves required functionality of the gasket and its operating conditions. The compound material of the gasket chosen should be compatible with the operating conditions namely; temperature, pressure, and condition of the flanges.


Points to Consider When Choosing a Gasket & Seals Manufacturer

Gasket performance is a critical component of a wide range of products. It is even more important for companies trying to improve product safety and comply with more stringent environmental regulations. Keep in mind the following points when looking for a gasket manufacturer for your company's manufacturing division.

1) Good Knowledge of Materials

EMI shielding gaskets

Electromagnetic interference shielding is now a necessity as devices continue to reduce in size and become complex in design and technology. The EMI shielding gaskets are important to separate and safeguard components from disruptive electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies disturbances but they as well seal the components from environmental factors and other pressures born out compression or shear forces. The importance of the EMI gaskets cannot be overlooked in this competitive business environment.

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