EMI shielding gaskets

Electromagnetic interference shielding is now a necessity as devices continue to reduce in size and become complex in design and technology. The EMI shielding gaskets are important to separate and safeguard components from disruptive electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies disturbances but they as well seal the components from environmental factors and other pressures born out compression or shear forces. The importance of the EMI gaskets cannot be overlooked in this competitive business environment.

Ontario gasket inc. is a leader in the production of the EMI shielding gaskets which are made available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, designs and configurations and from a different array of material. All these types of material and their designs have the intention of giving different levels of protection based on frequency range. Get a custom made EMI shielding gasket from Ontario gasket precisely made to your expectation and the best fit for your device. A selection will be made as to the best compound from which the gasket will be made. A whole range of materials to be chosen from exist and a notable example is the silicon rubber usually embedded with silver plated material and preference is made to the conductive gaskets other than the static dissipation gaskets. The gaskets from Ontario gaskets irrespective of their standard or custom design are reasonably priced and compare favorably with those in the market.

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